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Met someone from the neighbouring country…. who’s that?

All set to go! A revisit to Tanjong Piai, Pontian, Johor..

Ziarah saudara mara ziarah jugak… tapi harus ingat, jangan tinggal solat.. di Masjid Asy Syafaah…

My first bicycle was a blue Raleigh Chopper bought in 1979. It was a present from my bro Ramli Mahmood. I may not have the bike now but something related closely with it was still intact and kept neatly in one of my storage boxes of past “treasures”.

Anyone remember this? During those period of time, anyone who owned a bicycle need to apply for a bicycle plate! Mine was No. 534357 registered on 24 January 1979! Very nostalgic indeed….

One of the resorts we discovered at Mersing

Washing machine taking 1 month leave…. So Wonder Wash Self-Service Laundromat is our choice during this period…

Cyclocamping anyone?

Friday night ride to Punggol End…

Mashaa Allah. Full moon!

You either don’t walk or you run for your life! Smile..