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One of the resorts we discovered at Mersing

Washing machine taking 1 month leave…. So Wonder Wash Self-Service Laundromat is our choice during this period…

Cyclocamping anyone?

Friday night ride to Punggol End…

Mashaa Allah. Full moon!

You either don’t walk or you run for your life! Smile..

Its breakfast time for them!

My son, Syaikhul’Azim… Boat ride to Malaysia via Changi, Singapore

Ceasar Salad served with Cafe Latte n Mocha Latte

At Beach Rd now boarding a coach to KL for 3D/2N with my wife and youngest son for a short RnR..
To my other children, Syaikhul’Azim, Syahrul Naem n Sheikha Nabilah, take care of yourselves and the house too… May Allah lighten our intention and journey..Aameen